Giving up television


Challenge: Give up 3 things (1 of 3)

Date: January 8, 2013

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with television over the years. Sometimes I’ve spent more time watching television than I’d like to admit and other times it’s been an enjoyable small sliver of my day where I have some down time and laugh with my friends. Sometimes tv-watching is the only time in my life where I sit still and relax so it’s had its value for me too.

That said, I’ve decided to eliminate those evenings when I look at the clock and I can’t believe a couple of hours have passed while watching tv. I’ve decided to insert watching a movie as a more intentional time for relaxation. It happens a little less frequently too, which feels like a nice way to spend time as opposed to tv which often feels like wasting time. I also used to watch American Idol or some clips from a dance show before bed and I’ve now switched to taking a book to bed which is much more conducive to falling into a restful slumber.

I gave up watching tv on December 17 and plan to keep it up for the year. I have found that when I’m in a place with television (pub, friend’s house, etc), I occasionally will glance at it…the big flashing, loud screen. But I’ve not violated the goal in any major way. So far I honestly haven’t missed it.


5 thoughts on “Giving up television

  1. How brave. I use the television as background noise most of the time and can only watch recorded programs because i don’t have the attention span required to come back to the program after commercials.

    • I did this lots when I was studying and whenever I’ve had a TV in my most used room. Now I’d like to try re introducing music back in its place. I always loved that and kind of got out of the habit.

  2. Yes. I also have a love/hate relationship with this issue. So I have committed a NO TV Month of FEB and signed it! More months may follow.

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    • Good thinking! It’s been freeing for sure and I was surprised with other bad habits that also disappeared when I removed tv (sitting too long, procrastinating, night snacking). Taking a “fast” from our habits can provide a refreshing perspective on them. Good on you! Keep me posted!!

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