Designing Your 2014


Challenge: Take on 7 acts of self-expression (2 of 7)

Date: January 15, 2014

Location: Toronto, Ontario

I had an amazing time leading a workshop helping folks design a 2014 that lights them up. My life coaching association (through the Centre for Applied Neuroscience) offers a workshop every month so I stepped up to do the January one because I love working with people to have them get what they want. And let’s face it, January is when people get a little bit more in the space possibility and a little bit less in the space of being bogged down. So despite having the flu this week, I mustered the energy to really have fun with it. Go figure, I had 30 participants show up to the workshop. There’s something pretty cool about that number (Chapter 30 is attracting 30s).

I walked people through getting connected with her ‘ultimate why’, talking about what it is that lights them up, getting rid of the ‘shoulds’ that resolutions are often based on, and giving people some tools to really have these dreams become a reality this year. I offered the challenge for all participants to take something on in the following 24 hours. And for the sake of their excitement and what it is they want to be up to this year, I hope they take that challenge.

I, of course, shared Chapter 30 with them as an example of how I’ve designed my 2014 in ways that light me up, stretch me a bit and give me cause to think this year will be worthwhile.

may2013 pres3

(this pic is actually from 2013 – but it gives you an idea)


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