Country chic wedding


Challenge: Take part in 14 celebrations (13 of 14)

Date: August 23, 2014.

Location: near Calgary, Alberta

I love weddings! I especially love weddings with great people, good ideas, multiple events (a full schedule with lots of little activities), dancing and no drama. Our dear friend Melissa invited us to be part of her wedding. I was a bridesmaid and my partner Jackson was the MC. Melissa is one of our favourite people on earth. She is consistently fun, always up to something (good), bold, silly and simply fun to be with. She met Mike when she was studying in Toronto. She was living with us at the time and we met him early on. He’s so in love with her. He’s a hard working guy, caring, willing to entertain her ideas and help make them reality, and non judgemental. Plus they’re both pretty cute and take great photos. They’re a good match all around.


We arrived two days before the wedding so we could help set up and decorate, spend time with the family and do any last minute details. The whole build up was fun. Melissa was elated and it was a blessing to be around such excitement.
wpid-img_20140822_113944.jpg  wpid-img_20140822_134231.jpg

The event itself was full of laughter. It was light hearted, focused on the right things, not pretentious whatsoever and fun at every turn.

wpid-img_20140822_131704.jpg wpid-img_20140822_134532.jpg

From the country chic theme to the rural venue to the electric group of people, it just worked. Jackson was a funny, witty and engaged MC. Everyone kept telling me what a great job he did. I couldn’t agree more. I enjoyed his humour (which I am lucky enough to enjoy everyday).

The dance floor was built just to the side of the tent and it was a constant stream of fast paced music. We danced for hours. There were five of us by the time 1am rolled around (including Melissa) and we were taking up lots of space. We brought out any dance move we could think of. It was a gorgeous night with a camp fire not far away, stars in the sky and tiny lights tracing the perimeter of the dance floor. We couldn’t have asked for a better party. Everyone was happy to share in the celebration.

wpid-img_20140823_141523.jpg wpid-img_20140823_221300.jpg


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