Gettin’ on the guitar


Challenge: Learn 17 chords on guitar (14-17 of 17)

Date: December 12, 2014.

Location: Savannah, Georgia

Ok, I finally got there with my goal to learn 17 guitar chords. Today I learned: B6, C min, D maj 7, and F min (movable). The journey is by no means over. I have just put in a request to take guitar lessons while in Orlando for a couple weeks (heading there at the end of this weekend). I’d love to learn a few songs and continue to strengthen my fingers. My ultimate goal is to bring music to future parties, camp outs, times with friends, etc. So longterm I’d like to be comfortable enough with guitar to be able to pick it up, play along with others and even write some songs. It doesn’t need to be perfect and I accept it will take time, but the progress is immediately evident each time I pick it up. So it’s a very satisfying hobby. Tips and song suggestions invited.


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