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‘Chapter 30’ represents Erin’s year of being 30 and the challenges she has declared will punctuate this year of her life. Why wait for a midlife crisis when you can create urgency for fun, living, and excitement on your own accord?! Here’s hoping this sparks some ideas for you too. Contact Erin to get involved if you want to be part of her fulfilling on everything or if you want support in designing something incredible for yourself too.

Erin is a personal, group and community development specialist who works with people to design projects that bring the desired results, satisfaction and enjoyment they are seeking. More info on her coaching.

Practice/study 1 language everyday (French)

Take 2 courses

Give up 3 things

Visit 4 new places

Undertake 5 feats of the mind

Try 6 new physical experiences

Take on 7 acts of self-expression

Do 8 outdoor excursions

Sing in public 9 times

Experience 10 sunrises

Experience 11 sunsets

Learn 12 party tricks

Have 13 people in my life take on challenges

Take part in 14 celebrations

Visit 15 museums

Engage in 16 acts of pure joy

Learn 17 chords on guitar

Connect with 18 new people

Take on 19 acts of gratitude

Try 20 new foods

Run 21 kilometers

Do 22 acts of kindness to others

Try 23 new recipes

Take 24 naps

Learn a phrase in 25 languages

Have tea with friends 26 times

Try 27 new restaurants

Read 28 books

Watch 29 films

Go vegan for 30 days

That’s 465 challenges/goals altogether.

That’s more than 1 per day over the year so here goes nothing!

Month 1 update

Month 2 update

Month 3 update

Month 4 update

Month 5 update

 Month 6 update

Month 7 update

Month 8 update

Month 9 update

Month 10 update

Month 11 update

Month 12 update

Final reflection coming soon


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